Our founders all met doing what they love—helping others. Then, after decades of joint experience across 10+ countries, they broke free to scale their ideas and start something new. Together, we’ve raised $100M and helped 2M refugees and war survivors like them.
Ihsan Ibraheem, HUMANITE cofounder.
Ihsan Ibraheem
Ihsan wants to protect and build up the interests of local peacemakers around the world.
Inas Basim, HUMANITE cofounder.
Inas Basim
Inas works to rebalance the power of the global aid industry toward locals.
Headshot photo of Michel Tannous, cofounder of HUMANITE.
Michel Tannous
Michel hopes to give global donors and local experts a better chance to partner without the inefficiencies and power imbalances of industrial aid.
Rawand Rasul, HUMANITE cofounder.
Rawand Rasul
Rawand aims to better protect locals from the whims of foreign bodies who may not understand the realities of war.
Zido Khalif, HUMANITE cofounder.
Zido Khalaf
Zido protects those experiencing erasure and tries to unite with any and all who would partner for true enfranchisement.
Jessica Courtney, HUMANITE cofounder.
Jessica Courtney
Jessica works to innovate the next chapter in global humanitarian design with local refugees and war survivors.
Headshot photo of Jeremy Courtney, cofounder of HUMANITE.
Jeremy Courtney
Jeremy works to pioneer a more equitable model for resource collection and distribution with local experts around the world.


For logistical and security purposes, HUMANITE does not maintain a public directory.

Shared leadership.

Want greater control over your own happiness? From what you work on to how tensions get resolved, we’ve removed useless hierarchy.

Built on the principles of holacracy, HUMANITE operates in circles of shared responsibility.

What it's like to work with us...

Testimonial headshot.

"This team gave me great opportunities. They really care about you. I had strong encouragement from the top and everyone around me felt really supported."

Sana M.

Development Officer, Czech Republic

"It was an Honour for me starting my humanitarian work with you. Your work and motto improved the lives of millions."

Elias Z.
Relief Member, Lebanon

"HUMANITE has great experience and local knowledge. You can trust this team in any country."

Galawezh B.
Grant Manager, Iraq
Testimonial Headshot

"We were able to meet the needs of so many! I was very honoured to work with you. Thank you for being a wonderful team."

Charbel N.

Head Chef, Relief Kitchen, Lebanon
Testimonial headshot.

"A legit dream team!" 

Cayce H.

Major Gifts Team Lead, United States

"The founders' open-door policy really showed care for the team over the three beautiful years I worked with them. I'd love to work with you again!"

Zahraa Y.
Recruitment Officer, Iraq

I worked in hard-to-reach places with this team for years. If you get the chance to join them, don't hesitate. You'll join a team with so much humanity.

Tarif M.
Photographer, Syria