Community Accountability

We're an open book.

HUMANITE is accountable to the local communities we serve and the common good of society as a whole.

We welcome your feedback and make every effort to get you the information you're looking for.

© Ihsan Ibraheem


HUMANITE is 100% committed to transparency in fundraising, spending, and revenue-sharing across the collective. HUMANITE fellows (member organizations) review the collective's finances. Annual finances are audited by third-party experts.

We welcome donors and donations from across the ideological spectrum. We exist to unite humans, so we seek engagement over exclusion.

Our internal policies are also public so that all stakeholders know how everything works ahead of time.


    Sometimes we fail.

    We've hurt feelings. We've been swindled. Accidentally delivered spoiled food. We've even publicly reported the wrong location and people served. Honest mistakes, but mistakes nonetheless.

    But when we mess up, we fess up, set the record straight, and seek to make ammends.